Shea & Neem Body Butter


CBD Neem & Shea Body Butter

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We have combined Neem oil with Shea butter and some other powerful ingredients to hydrate your skin, restore suppleness and repair wrinkles.

With added CBD and other cannabinoids in our coconut oil, this body butter is rich in antioxidants and emollients, as well as vitamins E and A. The body butter is also rich

in fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, as well as amino acids that aid in collagen and elastin production.

The combination of oils in this body butter has an excellent skin penetration profile, leaving the skin glowing but not oily.  When applied, the oil is easily absorbed. 

Other benefits of Neem oil include:

  • Clears out Acne
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Treats Eczema
  • Combats wrinkles
  • Nature’s insecticide ( natural insect repellent )
  • Natural cure for dandruff and dry scalp
  • Excellent against head lice
  • Removes bacteria that cause break outs on skin
  • Fights pre-mature aging signs
  • Prevents skin infections


For best results use at night after bathing / shower before bed time. Could also be used to repel those pesky mosquito’s in the summer months while treating and healing your biggest organ, your skin.


Note: At first the butter seem to appear “hard” in the jar, but as soon as you scoop some out into your hands, the butter starts melting and absorbs very quickly into your skin.


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