Milk Thistle


50ml Tincture

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  • Strengthens and Regenerates Liver cells
  • Reduces damage to Liver cells
  • Increases the production of bile, used for breakdown of fats
  • Protects the Liver against toxins and free radical damage
  • Great for kidney health
  • Excellent for gallbladder and adrenal disorders
  • Assists the Liver with natural detoxification
  • Calms skin inflammation
  • Fights viral and bacterial infections
  • Fight the plaque that leads to Alzheimer’s
  • Contain anti-cancer effects

Dosing with Tinctures: Everyone is different, and everyone’s metabolism works differently, thus the medicinal uptake / absorption for everyone will be different. It is your responsibility to experiment and find your optimal dose. However, I will give you a guideline on how to start using this tincture. Expect results immediately, but remember, consistency is key. Use on a daily basis to achieve optimal results. 


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