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Kidneys are essential to having a healthy body. They are mainly responsible for filtering waste products, excess water, and other impurities out of the blood. These toxins are stored in the bladder and then removed during urination.

The kidneys also regulate pH, salt, and potassium levels in the body. They produce hormones that regulate blood pressure and control the production of red blood cells. The kidneys even activate a form of vitamin D that helps the body absorb calcium.


Our list of recommended supplements to keep the kidneys clean, healthy and functioning optimally:

  • pH Balance powder

  • Detox / Cleansing Herbal CBD tea

  • Horseradish

  • Full Extract Oil drops

  • Broad Spectrum CBD oil drops

  • Cell Food

  • Dandelion Herbal CBD tea

  • Organic Kale

  • Milk Thistle


Note: The products can be added to your basket separately via the links above. You do not have to take everything at once, as these are only the available options that we suggest, However, a combination of natural herbs / oils always works best.

Also be patient and remember – these are natural and NOT miracle remedies. Health Benefits will last longer and without any side affects from chemicals and other unnatural substances.

Remember: Prevention (supplementing on a daily basis) – is better than cure.