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The immune system is made up of special organs, cells and chemicals that fight infection (microbes). The main parts of the immune system are: *white blood cells, *antibodies, the *complement system, the *lymphatic system, the *spleen, *the thymus, and the *bone marrow. These are the parts of your immune system that actively fight infection.

As well as the immune system, the body has several other ways to defend itself against microbes, including: 

  • skin – a waterproof barrier that secretes oil with bacteria-killing properties
  • lungs – mucous in the lungs (phlegm) traps foreign particles, and small hairs (cilia) wave the mucous upwards so it can be coughed out
  • digestive tract – the mucous lining contains antibodies, and the acid in the stomach can kill most microbes
  • other defences – body fluids like skin oil, saliva and tears contain anti-bacterial enzymes that help reduce the risk of infection. The constant flushing of the urinary tract and the bowel also helps.

Our list of recommended supplement to give your Immune system that boost it needs to stay healthy:

  • Immune Boost capsules

  • CBD Nigella Sativa Oil

  • Full Extract Oil drops

  • Chamomile Herbal CBD tea

  • 600mg CBD Capsules

  • Ionic Colloidal Silver

  • Raw Honey

  • Cell Food capsules

  • Green Juice smoothie powder

  • Vitamin D capsules

  • Organic Kale capsules

  • Moringa capsules

  • Joints Capsules

  • Hemp Protein powder

  • Boswellia capsules

  • MSM Crystal powder

  • Flexi Joints powder

  • Green Power capsules

  • Ashwagandha capsules

  • Horseradish capsules

  • Full Spectrum Mushroom Complex capsules


Note: The products can be added to your basket separately via the links above. You do not have to take everything at once, as these are only the available options that we suggest, However, a combination of natural herbs / oils always works best.

Also be patient and remember – these are natural and NOT miracle remedies. Health Benefits will last longer and without any side affects from chemicals and other unnatural substances.

Remember: Prevention (supplementing on a daily basis) – is better than cure.