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In the simplest of terms, full extract cannabis oils are concentrated essential oils from the cannabis plants.

In medical circles, F.E.C.O is considered to be no less than revolutionary in its capabilities and versatility. All over the world, F.E.C.O is being used by patients battling a wide variety of chronic and in some cases fatal diseases.

F.E.C.O has a tendency to be so strong that it is often taken in daily doses no larger than a grain of rice. However, this differs in accordance with the patient and the condition in question.

Our capsules are a blend of F.E.C.O and broad spectrum CBD making it a powerhouse oil working synergistically. Organic coconut oil are used as carrier oil  for absorption and other great health benefits.

The concentration is very high though and may still cause drowsiness in some patients. 

The capsule range are mainly used for the following:


  • Excellent for any sleep disorders
  • Building up tolerance for stronger doses (preparation) of DONNER caps
  • Builds up your auto-immune system
  • General well-being
  • Great for depression, anxiety and stress
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Regulates blood sugar


  • Moderate to severe chronic pain and ailments
  • Cancer treatment
  • Preparation for our BLIXEM capsules


  • Cancer treatment
  • Severe chronic ailments

Recommended dose: Take 1 capsule 1-2 hours before bed time. When any undesired effects are felt, just sleep it off. Remember anxiety is your enemy and this is pure natural medicine from nature. You have nothing to fear.

Keep refrigerated – Do NOT freeze

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