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What is distillate?

THC distillate is a highly purified form of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) derived from the cannabis plant. The product itself looks like a thick oil that can be anywhere from clear to amber. Distillation eliminates everything from plant lipids (fats) to terpenes (flavor), and because each cannabinoid vaporizes at a different temperature, producers can easily manipulate the process to capture solely one cannabinoid. THC distillate is a distilled oil that contains only THC. For this reason, THC distillate is a highly potent concentrate, sometimes boasting purity levels as high as 97% THC or higher.

Can you smoke distillate?

You can vaporize distillate and inhale the vapors. This actually happens to be one of the most preferred methods of consumption. However, in order to smoke distillate, you will need either an e-nail or a dab rig. Some vaporizers or vape pens can also be used to vape distillate as long as they reach the appropriate temperature to cause the thick concentrate to vaporize. In fact, a lot of prefilled cannabis carts are made with cannabis distillate or live resin. You can also add a drop of distillate to the cannabis flower to heighten the THC in your smoke when using a pipe or bong.

Can you eat distillate?

You can ingest THC distillate. In fact, distillate is a popular ingredient in a lot of commercially available cannabis edibles. It takes so little of the product to infuse an edible that the flavor is not affected, and a regular recipe does not have to be manipulated much to get a consistent end result. For example, if using THC distillate to make a batch of THC brownies, the tiny amount of distillate you would mix into the batter wouldn’t have a negative impact on the consistency of the batter, the smell of the brownies, or even the flavor. Sublingual dosing is also possible—just be sure to use the tiniest amount, so you don’t overdo it.

Benefits of baking with distillate

In addition to high levels of cannabinoids, one of the reasons cannabis users are baking with distillate more and more is due to the concentrate’s versatility. Unlike canna butter, which can often have remnants of plant matter, cannabis distillate is purely composed of cannabinoids, meaning you have a lot more control over the dose you add to cookie batter or drip on a batch as it cools.

One of the main reasons cannabis has such a distinct smell and even taste is due to the presence of organic compounds called terpenes. When cannabis is distilled for the purpose of isolating THC, non-essential compounds like CBD and terpenes also get removed and this removes the skunky, plant-like smell and taste that is often associated with certain strains. 

Because distillate has no detectable taste and smell, it is very versatile and pairs nicely with just about anything. You can bake it into a batch of brownies or even add it to your favorite entrée for dinner. You’ll still get the therapeutic effects of THC without the distinct taste.

When baking with distillate, a lot goes a long way. Unlike canna butter, you can use a relatively small amount of distillate in your batter and get the same effect as a recommended serving of canna butter depending on the size of your batch of edibles. This means cooking and baking with distillate will save you trips to the distillery and could potentially save you money. 



Note: Although Vaping is an recreational activity – This product is NOT intended for recreational use, but medicinal use only. Strictly no under 18’s.


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