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Our special formula of six herbs will greatly benefit your colon health. According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer (excluding skin cancers) diagnosed in both men and women. Colon cancer begins in the last part of the digestive track, also known as the colon. Rectal cancer begins in the rectum, the lower end of the large intestine. Together, they are referred to as colorectal cancers.
Although there are ways to keep your colon healthy and cancer free, this supplement will greatly benefit you with your goals.
If you want a laxative or want to compare this unique formula with pharma bought drugs, this product is not for you. This unique formula is not just a laxative, but for general colon health, long term! 
Some benefits of consuming our Colon Cleanse capsules daily include, but not limited to:
  • Natural laxative
  • Probiotics for gut health
  • Fight Candida
  • Restore good bacteria in the intestine
  • Promotes regularity without increasing flatulence
  • May help to lower blood sugar levels
  • Can help lower cholesterol levels
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Natural diuretic
  • Anti-parasitic properties
  • Aids in expelling excess fluid and mucus
  • Manages acid reflux
  • Treat UTI’s
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Lowers inflammation and blood pressure
  • Contains Vitamin C, Fibre and antioxidants
  • Improves removal of stored fat from the body
  • Has anti-allergic properties
Recommended dosage:
Take 1 capsule in the morning before meal/breakfast and 2 capsules with largest meal of the day, whether lunch or dinner. Drink at least 1 glass (250ml) of room temperature water with capsules. Capsules to be taken before meals.
For best results, don’t skip days or recommended dosage.
Some other tips on keeping your colon healthy:
– Eat a colon-healthy diet e.g. fruits, vegetables and whole grain fiber
– Food and tea rich in antioxidants
– Consume less red meats and processed foods
– Watch your BMI (body mass index)
– Exercise * Physically active people have a 24% lower risk of colon cancer than those who are not
– Limit alcohol consumption
– Stop smoking
List of some of the ingredients used in our formula:
– Baobab fruit powder
– Ginger root
– Marshmallow root
– and more
Note: *Grownmedz’s original and unique formulas are proprietary of Grownmedz and may contain ingredients not listed here.

– Remember – 

Most herbal supplements need to be taken for at least 2-4 weeks before health benefits can be experienced.
It is not a “quick fix”, but rather see it is an everyday supplement. To provide the best possible health benefits and results, this supplement should be taken regularly, even daily. Every person is different and reacts differently to natural herbs. But be assured, there are NO side effects, ONLY benefits. Be patient and enjoy the journey. Let the Healing begin!


Note: We use “00” size vegetable capsules. Powder weight may vary depending on fineness of powder and rate of compaction, usually between 450mg and 650mg per capsule. Capsules are Vegan, Halal, Kosher and Vegetarian friendly. No fillers or binders used. Non-GMO. We strive to obtain only organic herbs, spices and roots.

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