CBD Heel Balm


50g CBD Heel Balm

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Massage our CBD Heel Balm into your over-worked feet and dry heels. The balm delivers gentle and effective moisturizing for cracked or damaged heels. Our balm is a super-concentrated moisturizer and exfoliator that softens and repair rough, dry and cracked feet. Only the best ingredients used e.g. Aloe, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and many more. 

The combination of these ingredients with the added CBD actively replenishes moisture deep below the surface of the skin, promoting visibly healthier skin in just a few days.

There are 3 steps to healthier heels:

  1. Remove dead / hard skin by shaving down or using a stone. Feet can also be soaked in warm water with a little bit of added bicarbonate soda.
  2. Moisturize using our special formula. 
  3. Provide extra padding and/or cushioning for your heels/feet. The less pressure on your feet, the less dead/hardened skin.

Without removing the dead skin build up, the cream will not be able to moisturize the skin properly. We have also found that lotions are too watery and vaseline too oily and only builds a layer on top on the skin. While our cream is the perfect balance, it penetrates better. 

For best results, use twice a daily, morning and night. Once desired results have been achieved, apply once daily or as needed to maintain healthier, more attractive feet.