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BioplasmWhat is it?

  • Bioplasm Biofeedback Technology is a NLS ( non-linear analysis system ) designed with electronic oscillators resonating at the wavelength of electromagnetic frequency wave forms.
  • This waveform energy is equivalent to the energy breaking down the dominant bonds that maintain the structural organization of the different “researched” domains (organs, tissue, cells, DNA, etc.).
  • It is able to detect biofield frequencies and balance the biofield imbalances. 
  • Bioplasm technology is based on quantum entropy logic theory.

How it Works?

  • There exists an extremely weak low-frequency vortex magnetic field around all biological systems.
  • The biofield magnetic vortex state of cells, tissues, organs, etc. of healthy and pathological states are stored in the computer data base.
  • The magnetic vortex state of different organs is assessed through resonant amplification.
  • Trigger sensors that are incorporated into the technology are able to sense this biofield matrix information.
  • The biofield frequency characteristics of the client are compared to this data file to determine spectral similarity with biofields of healthy versus pathological states. (This is based on over 100 000 patients with over 1000 health processes.)

Therapeutic Application – After initial research (scan)

  • Meta-therapy technique is applied to stimulate targeted trigger points.
  • Homeopathic remedies are prepared based on specific energetics identified through “research” testing mode.
  •  The efficacy of different possible therapeutic substances are evaluated.
  • Micro-organisms and allergens could be neutralized.

Quantum Entropy Logic Theory:

  • “The information exchange in any system occurs distantly and selectively due to the quanta of electromagnetic frequency wave form, which has energy equivalent to that which is required to breakdown the bonds of the system’s elementary structure.”
  • “Biological systems with existing stress lead to unstable (meta-stable) states, which makes the system’s breakdown far more probable.”

Advantages of undergoing the Bioresonance research (scan) & therapy:

  • Fast, Intuitive and Efficient
  • Non-invasive – no surgery required
  • No wounds
  • No recovery time needed
  • Non-chemical
  • Painless
  • No discomfort

Options: 1) A Basic research (scan) is carried out on at least 10 “parts” (organs, cells, tissue, etc.) of concern to the client. The scan takes approximately 15 minutes. There-after a basic therapy treatment is applied to the areas scanned and of concern. The therapy will also take approximately 15 minutes to complete. A full assessment will be carried out on the results of the scan, and feedback will be given to the client within 24 hours.

2) A full comprehensive research (scan) consists of all organs, cells, tissue, bones, etc. in the body. The research takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes to complete. A short break is taken and then a full comprehensive meta-therapy is carried out on all areas of concern. The therapy takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes to complete. A full assessment will be carried out on the results of the research, and feedback will be given to the client within 48 hours.

3) Stand-alone therapy sessions are also available for further treatment after the initial research (scan). These sessions can be discussed and arranged with *required number of sessions, *dates, *time, etc. 

Please Note: The prices does NOT include travelling costs and consultation fees. These need to be discussed before placing an online order / or making payments.

Remember: Prevention is better than cure! We aim to detect the root cause of any symptoms early on. We do NOT only treat symptoms like most conventional medicines do. Natural supplementation and treatment is recommended based on the results of the initial scan.

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