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280 grams Zeolite powder

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Zeolite is a mineral that naturally occurs from volcanic origin from the South Aegean volcanic arc region of Turkey — formed thousands of years ago when violent volcanos erupted and emitted large amounts of volcanic ash from the alkaline earth. Some of the ash settled to form thick ash beds, but most of the time the ash fell into the sea and lakes. If the chemistry of the lake is in the right range, a chemical reaction of volcanic dust (ash) and water will result in the formation of natural zeolite, soft rocks with an ordered internal structure.

Zeolite is a mineral with a cage-like honeycomb structure which can trap molecules within it due to it’s excellent micronized particle size (less than 25 microns).

Zeolite is a natural product that can bind to pollutants and toxins in the gastrointestinal tract like a sponge and naturally draw them out. Indigestible Zeolite is readily excreted with stool via the intestines without burdening the metabolism.

Zeolite been used to improve soil quality in agriculture and to purify air and water supplies in NASA’s space program. Zeolite were even added to soil and given to residents of Chernobyl after the nuclear fallout. 

Benefits of consuming Zeolite on a daily basis for at least 30 days include, but not limited to:
– Balances pH levels
– Superb Antioxidant
– Eliminate Carcinogens
– Capture and eliminate toxins
– Strengthen your cardiovascular system
– Reverse oxidative damage to brain due to heavy metals
– Maintain a healthy microbiome
– Kill bad intestinal bacteria and viruses
– Boost the levels of minerals and trace minerals
– Effectively detox from heavy metals like aluminum, arsenic, lead and mercury
– Improve hangover symptoms
– Block the absorption of radioactive cesium and reduce the concentration in organs
How to use:
We suggest for a normal detox taking 1 teaspoon a day for at least 30 days. For more acute conditions and heavy detox take 2 to 3 teaspoons per day for at least 30 days. Best results is to use with clean, purified water at room temperature. Mix thoroughly and drink quickly.

– Remember – 

Most herbal supplements need to be taken for at least 2-4 weeks before health benefits can be experienced.
It is not a “quick fix”, but rather see it is an everyday supplement. To provide the best possible health benefits and results, this supplement should be taken regularly, even daily. Every person is different and reacts differently to natural herbs. But be assured, there are NO side effects, ONLY benefits. Be patient and enjoy the journey. Let the Healing begin!